Furf in the media

Furf Pets hit the New Zealand and Australian markets with a bang landing a good design award on launch as well as securing coverage in many media outlets from pet lovers, to homewares to design blogs.







“Any pet owner will know the tedious struggle of having to deal with spillage from their furry friend’s water bowl. Looking to solve the unsightly and annoying problem, Furf Pets has reimagined the bowls design...”



“The creators at Furf Pets have homed in on the fact that along with a booming pet industry, our design instincts in our home are against having clunky, unmatching, ugly bowls ruining the look of our spaces”



“You won’t want to keep this stylish pet bowl hidden.”



“Furf Pets products were created with your pet's safety in mind and an all-encompassing sustainability ethos throughout production”


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