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we thought most pet accessories were pretty ordinary, so we designed our own range.

Spill resistant pet bowl

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Silicone feeding mat

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beautiful design

our pet bowls would look just as good on your dining room table as they do on the floor of your kitchen.

safe materials

from the food grade stainless steel of our bowls to the silicone on our mats, we make sure the health of your pet comes first.

quality that lasts

our heavyweight design and material selection means our products last longer than cheap inferior pet products.

"Dogs are my favourite people"

Richard Dean Anderson

"woof, woof, woof"


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our way of life

The Furf team hails from the Antipodes, a part of the world with a fair bit of legroom and a love of life alongside animals. Between us we’ve welcomed dogs, cats, sheep, chickens and goats into our families over the years, and many of them into our studio. That’s taught us that there’s no substitute for having the right gear to care for them all properly. Serious pet gear.